Title are we friends or are we mooOOOore

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Harry Styles owns this $4 million bachelor pad in the canyons above Beverly Hills. The sleek 2,800 square foot 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom abode features a swimming pool and a discreet entry way. The house sprawls out with three stories of balconies with stunning canyon views The One Direction singer will call Demi Moore, Jon Voight, and Lisa Vanderpump neighbors in the star studded neighborhood. 

WWA CONCERT Bogota, Colombia Livestream 4.25.14


  • GMT (London): 1am opening act / 2am 1D 4.26
  • EST (NYC): 8pm opening act / 9pm 1D 4.25
  • CST (Chicago / Bogota): 7pm opening act / 8pm 1D 4.25
  • PST (Los Angeles): 5pm opening act / 6pm 1D 4.25


i get really happy when i think about one direction being together after a break from tour and all the new memories they’ll be making with each other



(via One Direction Horoscope: How Compatible Are You?)

im done


Do you ever feel people staring at you and you like forget how to walk



You, hopefully!

Liam during Teenage Dirtbag in Perth, Australia x